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Until unique documentation is developed for this project, please refer to to the documentation on the jwitsml project, as the api is nearly the same. See this tutorial on for some examples on how nWitsml can be used.

The slight differences can be seen in the following example code:

WitsmlServer.UOM = UomBase.Imperial; 

var svr = new WitsmlServer("http://mywitsmlserver.url", "user", "pass", WitsmlVersion.VERSION_1_3_1,  
     new Capabilities(WitsmlVersion.VERSION_1_3_1, "aaaa", "", "5555551212", "COMP", "ORG", "FRIENDLYNAME", "0.5a"));

List<WitsmlWell> wells = svr.get<WitsmlWell>(new WitsmlQuery());

foreach (var well in wells)
     Console.WriteLine(well.getName() + ":" + well.getId()); 

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